Monday, December 8, 2008


Hei Anna!!!My name is Maria Helena. I`m 11 years old.
How old are you?
The first you ask for me what weather we like.What I have say.............we have a four seasons looks like you : winter,autum,summer and spring.Winter is usually wery cold.Mosty we have a snow,but in yesteryear was only cold no snow.My birthday is in winter.Autumn is wery coloured and rany.Summer is warm,but colder than in England.I like summer wery much,and swimming is fun it`s my favourite and three monts holiday is best.Spring is green ,beautiful and fresh.

The second you ask how we cleberate the christmas.
Looks like you!!!(I think........)We gets a presents ,eat a christmas foot and of course mandarins.I like chrismas and I think everybody like christmas.