Thursday, January 29, 2009

1.)The sons were strong but lazy.
2.)The farmer was very wise.
3.)The farmer buired the treasure in the garden
4.)The farmers suns started to work hard.
5.The farmer's suns started to work hard after their father died
6.)The suns found treasure.
7.)The sons got a lot of fruit from the garden.
9.) The farmer's sons became rich.
1.)Kas sa puhkad igal pärastlõunal?
Do you have a nap in every afternoon?No I don`t.
2.)Kas sa käid igal õhtul dušši all?
Do you have shover in every evning?Yes I do.
3.)Kas sa sööd igal hommikul?
Do you have brekfest in every morning?Yes I do.
4.)Kas sa sööd alati õhtusööki?
Do you have a supper in every evning?Yes I do.
5.)Do you have fun in every day?
Kas sul on iga päev lõbus?Yes I do.